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Christian Historical Fiction



It’s 1897 and fifteen year old Maple Murphy has been mourning the death of her father for almost
ten years. The sting of his absence intensifies, and Maple’s family has been scraping by to survive without
him. Forced to vacate their already poor living conditions, the Murphy family uses the last bit of their
money to venture into the whispered land where opportunity and work are plentiful, a place rumored to
be infested with gold: Skagway, Alaska.
In the bustling avenues of Alaska, life seems to be getting better. But Maple still aches for a father
and an escape from leering poverty. She sets her sights on a chivalrous gentleman, Jackson Wade, the
Marshall of Skagway. Maple pushes her mother and the Marshall together, only to find out he isn't the
caring law enforcer that he claims to be.
She sees a different side to Jack, feeling his eyes on her everywhere she goes, and on occasion, he
becomes possessive with her and almost violent. The threats of the infamous conman Soapy Smith loom
over the town. And when Maple stumbles upon what she believes is proof that Jack is working for him,
Jack forces himself on her. Maple is left alone, ruined, and seeking rescue from her despair in the tundra
of Alaska.
Word reaches Maple that her father is still alive and hiding out in Alaska, and her plans to get to
him go awry. There seems to be only one way to escape Jack’s violence. But can Maple reveal to the
miners of Skagway who the Marshall and Soapy really are? Can she risk ruining her opportunity to take a
husband by coming forward and shedding light on the Marshall’s crimes toward her? And in the process,
will she truly discover who God is, and bring herself to trust Him as well?

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