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Skagway, Alaska

Skagway Wharf

My current WIP takes place in Skagway (in my book known as Skaguay) Alaska. I was born and raised in Alaska and the proof of God's majesty and beauty in His creation is all around us in this state.

The Municipality and Borough of Skagway is a first-class borough in Alaska on the Alaska Panhandle. As of the 2010 census, the population was 968.

The port of Skagway is a popular stop for cruise ships, and the tourist trade is a big part of the business of Skagway. The White Pass and Yukon Route narrow gauge railroad, part of the area's mining past, is now in operation purely for the tourist trade and runs throughout the summer months. Skagway is also part of the setting for Jack London's book The Call of the WildWill Hobbs's book Jason's Gold, and for Joe Haldeman's novel, Guardian.


My WIP takes place in 1897 Skagway during the height of the Yukon Gold Rush when Skagway was a lawless town thanks to those in charge and 'Sourdoughs' hoping to fill their pockets with gold.

Petra, Jordan

The Lost City of Petra

My debut novels take place in this magical and wondrous city.

One of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Petra is a historic and archaeological city in Southern Jordan that was estimated to have around 20,000 inhabitants. 

Famous for its entire city that was carved of impressive and beautiful stone designs and structures, Petra, or Raqmu's greatest temples still remain.

The 'Siq', which is the entrance to the city of Petra, must have been created by the Great Flood. When you enter the Siq, which is the narrow and marbled stone passageway, you can already see the beauty and majesty of God's creation.

One of my favorite things about this ancient city is the fact that no one has a clear and definite picture of what transpired here and how they built this place. The Nabataeans are shrouded in mystery and guestimation from the work that archaeologists have uncovered.

The people here were intelligent and expert craftsman. Not only did they build their entire city of stone from mere picks, chisels, and metal hammers, but they found a way to bring water TO them in the center of the city by creating aqueducts and pipes in the surrounding mountains.

In my novel, my hope is that readers will experience the rich culture and history of this amazing place.

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